Blood of the Reich by Mike Whicker

Elizabeth Ault. Strong-willed and ambitious, she is Cincinnati's top newspaper reporter. Tireless when it comes to investigating an important story, Elizabeth has a reputation for being first on the scene and getting her scoop-no matter what it takes. Frank Ault. A tough-as-nails, no-nonsense homicide detective for the Cincinnati police. Frank is equally adept at using his brains or his fists to solve a case. Sometimes his biggest challenge is dealing with a snoopy reporter-his wife, Elizabeth. Anne Brown. A shadowy figure and suspect in a homicide, both Frank and Elizabeth pursue Brown-for very different reasons. The year is 1943. Amidst the backdrop of the Second World War, a shocking crime becomes the talk of the town in Cincinnati, Ohio. Homicide detective Frank Ault hunts the elusive suspect, Anne Brown. His wife, Cincinnati Observer reporter Elizabeth Ault, races her husband to find Brown first, causing friction between husband and wife. But this time Elizabeth plays with fire. Little does Elizabeth know she will quickly be transformed from pursuer to prey, and that events will take place that change the lives of the Aults forever.

Author led Bus tour of Evansville October 20th

Return to Valhalla by Mike Whicker

During the critical, last months of the Second World War, Nazi spy Erika Lehmann returns to Germany seeking revenge after discovering Heinrich Himmler ordered her father's murder. Return to Valhalla is the story of one woman's journey of self-discovery through heartbreak, disillusionment, and eventual redemption.

Palestine Public Library District in Palestine

Fall from Valhalla by Mike Whicker

Just released in April of this year, Mike Whicker's fourth installment of this series has just been purchased by the library.  If you are going on the trip and want books signed, please bring them with you.  Mr. Whicker will have some copies available but supplies will be limited.

In the months just after the end of WW II, two deadly and cunning women find themselves pitted against each other in a lethal game of cat-and-mouse. One was Nazi Germany’s top spy now working for the United States: her opponent, Soviet Russia’s most feared assassin. Fall from Valhalla is a superbly researched uber-thriller set in the clandestine world of undercover ‘spooks’ and ‘ghosts’ operating during the earliest days of the Cold War.

After the tour, Mike Whicker will lead us on a bus tour of key places in Evansville that are featured in his first book.  The LST Shipyard where the boats were actually made; the site of the Dogtown Tavern; Erika Lehman's apartment over the diner; and the grand finale (BEWARE: book spoiler alert) the bridge where she jumped off into the Ohio River.

The bus will be stopping at Haubstadt where there will be the choice of either Arby's or McDonalds- or you can bring something for yourself to tide you over until you get home.  We should arrive at the library between 7 and 8 p.m.

Only 7 seats left!

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Our tour of the LST Ship Memorial starts at 1:00.  Groups of 15 will take the tour at intervals.  There is a gift shop at the Memorial.

New Titles- Check them out!

Bus Leaves October 20th

9:00 A.M.

Hilltop Inn has asked that we order and pay in advance.  The menu's are available at the library.  Please fill out each ticket (which can include several people) and make sure to write the names of everyone included in the ticket on the sheet.  Also, payment and orders are due by October 3.

On the menu, pay attention to the Fiddlers- they were featured in the first book.  Hilltop Inn is known for brain sandwiches but Mike Whicker says the Burgoo is really good too.



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Now it's a quadrilogy!

Invitation to Valhalla by Mike Whicker

Erika Lehmann. She is the Nazis' top spy. Code-named Lorelei, she is the English speaking daughter of Hitler's old comrade and a member of the Führer's inner circle. She is beautiful, athletic, and clever-the epitome of Aryan womanhood-and she'll stop at nothing to accomplish her mission. Charlie Pulaski. A down-and-out FBI agent from Chicago on his last legs, Pulaski is sent on what he is sure is a pointless wild goose chase when a garbled shortwave transmission coming from southern Indiana is accidentally intercepted by an amateur HAM radio operator. Axel Ryker. The Gestapo's top henchman. Ryker is Heinrich Himmler's top problem solver, i.e. murderer. As ruthless as he is cunning, Ryker is sent to America with a startling mission-find and kill their own spy, Erika Lehmann. The year is 1942. In Evansville, Indiana, a Jewish metallurgist named Joseph Mayer is conducting top secret experiments for the U.S. Navy. Life could not be better for Joe Mayer: he loves his job, he is contributing greatly to the war effort, and he just began dating a fascinating young woman.